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Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Friday, March 28, 2014

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


December 17, 2014
Dock Russell

   Strike, while the Iron is Hot!

  Dock Russell, Dec. 16, 2014


If you ever had dreams and aspirations, if you ever been held back or stop by people and conditions created by others, if you ever  looked passed or objected  people you knew were continually fighting on your behalf, because you lack the vision of the fight. If you ever said, I am waiting for my ship to come in! Well don’t look any farther or wait any longer, because the time in now. I mean right now! December 17, 2014.


 Some of you watched the sixty and seventy’s and many of you lived through the eighty and ninety’s. You that are here today had a chance to learn from the past, review the history of those who came and struggle before you. If you did not learn the story of your America, maybe it is time to review it.  Not learning, some of it maybe your fault because you did not ask the right question or for what you wanted or required,  based on how other treat their own history. Well I don’t have time to teach anyone their history at this point, because we are now living in the present. Right now! Which mean, we all must deal for real or else.


 At this moment, many of you have seen the signs of the time, including dysfunctional government, a police state in America, and inequality among people. As Blacks we need to attack the system. The bottom line is that the corporate media is controlling the conversations and they are not focusing on mass incarceration, mass unemployment, mass poverty, and the problems that effects youths. We as Blacks must keep our focus on systemic changes, no matter who is in front of us. There’s a radical views and there’s a revolutionary views, but adequate changes or resources never trickle down to us. We must keep our focus on the gap between rich and poor., Unemployment is worse than ever, and the congressmen and senators we have now do not focus on anything, where African-Americans are suffering or they will keep it universal and they never get our piece of the pie.


 When you look at the Black base, we either have Black leadership that is surrounded by the wrong people or they do not have the will to do bidding on behalf of the African-American people. They are more focused on the Tea Party.


   America have a 3.8 trillion dollar budget, and trillion of tax breaks for the rich, and billions of dollars of subsidies, free money for corporations, and trillions to bail out wall street, but they claim that they cannot create enough jobs. The problem is, there is no will, and there is no will to do that because of the greed of capitalism and the greed of those at the top. We as people have to rise up and make them do what they should do with our money. Our youth have seen the light and they are willing and fit to fight. What they need now, is to be mentored, guided  and supported by those of us who know better, but just want do better, to either, do what you already know how to do for the African-American communities or just get out of the way. We have some of best minds and people with great abilities in the African-American community that never get used for Black causes. Which, is one of the reason, our communities suffer so much. Well, the genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in. This is the last chance and opportunity to make Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr American dream real.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dir. Kuumba Community Activity Program

e-mail: Dock Russell at dockr@tbol.net with feedback.

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