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Knowledge Is Just Around The Corner

Kuumba Community Activity Program

Welcome to DocSolox.Net. We are here to serve you, all the knowledge you need is just around the corner and through our pages.
In our pages you will find information about KCAP, BET,MMM Show, Media History Project, Information Technology, Body and Mind, Poetry, D.S.R. Consultants and of course  the Covid-19 update information.

  I hope this message finds you and your family well. We would love to have an opportunity to introduce ourselves to youn and tell what differentiates us from our peers in the  community information and  networking areas of Talladega County. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions where we can be of assistance. I can be reached by phone at 551-574-0181 and  e-mail at 
 For more information call 551-574-0181


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KCAP is a non-profit community motivation and cultural education program founded by Dock Russell. It is designed to build self-esteem, trust and goal setting strategies among youths and young adults. The program address family and community problems that enfluence youth and young adults social conditions that threaten children success in school and in life with comprehensive, coordinated solutions. Lack of exposure, limited exposure or previous negative encounters lead most youth and adults to act out negative behaviors, such as dis-trust, avoidance and poor communication. We engage in bi-monthly workshops addressing mental, psychologial and social problems.The use of the Arts and Culture is a fantastic way to solve community as well as social conditions.

"Our Hands Cover Our Community"

KCAP has a new popular workshop. "Help Give My Dream Life".  THis workshop is designed to locate, encourage, and enlighten African-American residents who are interested in and concerned about building skills in Marketing, community education, and Art and Culture. There is a workshop planned for Talladega, and other County. These workshop are free or cost very little . All participants must register. To register e-mail,, call 551-574-0181 or write KCAP, 126 Baker st, Talladega, Al. 35160
   If you are interested in these workshop or webinars coming to your neighborhood, please contact us and we can discuss how we can make this happen. Pleae stay tuned to our website for more information.
For more  inforrmation go to facebook, twitter, youtube or zoom.